About Gawaksha

We are an enthusiastic team of experts completely involved in profound research and analysis. As our name indicates – Gawaksha, we provide a window to find the leading IT companies amongst the wide range of contenders that deliver outstanding results to their clients and maintain an enduring relationship. We understand the meaning of quality and hence our results are based on in-depth research and deep analysis.

Not just another portal but the team of experts committed to delivering the accurate results with in depth research and analysis. Because, it’s better to select amongst the best. Read the reviews, ratings and than select the best company for your next big project. We care for your business expansion.


Our Research Process

Now the question comes, how we do this? Many of you are concerned about how we list the companies and what kind of procedures we use for positioning the most prominent companies. Considering all your concerns, we are purely committed to providing transparent results. Our research process is based on some criteria, where we list down some well-known companies or we can say IT Providers, those companies are reviewed, and analyzed deeply and then they are ranked. Analysis process includes many things which we consider, some of them may be the top brands, clients, their positive reviews, portfolio and many other things which generally service buyers look for finding the most suitable companies for them.


Our Vision

Why we are here? Well, we are here because we understand what service buyers’ look into the companies they want to get indulged in. Gawaksha is a team of technological experts. Our only and only vision is providing the best results to the buyers. In today’s market scenario, many companies are there for providing IT and outsourcing Services for service buyers, and hence it is difficult and time consuming as well to find out the most prominent companies around the world. And here we stand. We are fully dedicated for finding and listing companies, which are best known for delivering ultimate results to their customers.

You think you are one of the leading IT companies, come and help us in our progression.

Our Team