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July Rapid is the services studio of July Systems. Innovation and design focused professional services team of July builds mobileapplications for its clients, either custom or platform based.

July Rapid is the award winning services studio of July Systems, a company that pionered mobile product and platform business.  For 15 years, we have pushed the envelope within the mobile experience industry with our bleeding UX, rapid development and cloud infrastructure management that helps you scale from 50 users to 50 million users.

A simple Google search can point you to several mobile studios.

Why work with July then?  Click here (link is external) to know how July can make a difference as your mobile partner.


Company Credentials

·        Funded by Intel Capital, Up data Partners, West bridge (Sequoia) and Footprint Ventures ·        Gartner selected vendor for Mobile App Development, Hype Cycle 2015, ·        ESPN, NFL, NBA, PGA, CBS, NBCU, CNN, ToysRUs,Cisco as customers.

As far as credentials gofor a mobile studio, it’s tough to beat July

Experience – With July, you take no risk. We have been in business for 15 years and have arguably built the best client portfolio in mobile app development space. Product DNA – In a nutshell, you are hiring a product company to build your product, not a services body shop. Award winning Team – We have a hand picked a team of rock stars who have put over 40 apps in the Top 10 list of global app stores. RAPID Delivery – The delivery model is agile and sprint based. We use proprietary frameworks built in-house, wherever needed to speed up the app development process.

When you work with July,you are entrusting an award winning Product Company to build your mobile product. Talk to us today(link is external)!

Key clients: 

CNN, Disney, Fox, ABC News, Conde Nast, ESPN, NFL, NBC, LPGA, NASCAR,PGA Tour, Toys RUS, Teleflora, Pacsun, Cisco, Intel,Microsoft, Yahoo & Motorola, Unilever, Heinz, General Mills.


·        ISO/IEC27001:2005 ·        Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Version 2.0 (PCI-DSS2.0)


·        AlwaysOn 2012 & 2013 ·        Digiday Finalist 2013 ·        Mobile Entertainment Finalist 2012 ·        Golden Bridge Awards Best 2012

Detailed description

We Offer the Following Services:


·        Meet – Combine the power of ideation & design driven front-end native apps with scalable & reusable platform driven backend to launch a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). ·        Scope – You have clearly defined your business objectives and the solution needed. Work with our Solutions Architect to translate your solution into a technology specification document. ·        Audit – Planning to move from your current development team (in house or outsourced)? We will audit the source-code to create a 360 degree report card and help the transition seamlessly.



·        Product Development -Design, Engineer & Deploy your mobile, mobile-web or cloud application under a dedicated Product Director who will manage your entire product lifecycle under the RAPID framework. ·        Design – Work with some of the best design resources to create wireframes, visual design mockups for your mobile,mobile-web, responsive web requirements. ·        Development – Work with our best engineering resources to build your application. We cover all the technologies from iOS, Android, Windows, BB, HTML5, ROR, PHP, .NET. ·        Quality Assurance -Hire our rockstar QA team for manual / automation based testing services across all stages of application design, development & deployment.


·        App Store Optimization -Having reached more than 140 million users in 150 countries and delivered billions of transactions annually to the world’s best known brands, we’re fully equipped and experienced on app submission process and app store optimization techniques to make your app discoverable. ·        Social Media Marketing -Social media marketers at July leverage social media platforms such asFacebook, Twitter & Instagram to create a buzz around your app and increase your app’s visibility. ·        App Advertising -App marketers at July Systems are specialized in managing app advertising campaigns to reduce the advertising costs, maximize app installs and improvethe ROI.


·        Cloud Hosting (Service/Platform) -July provides Cloud Hosting services combined with Uptime commitment driven through SLA. ·        Scaling& Event Handling with SLA – Scaling up or down your mobile service as part of faster adoption or specific events such as World-Cup, Global events etc combined withan uptime commitment driven through SLA. ·        Rapid Iteration (Addition/Removal of features) – Using July’s proprietary framework called APPX, we make the process of rapid iterations after application launch faster & simpler. ·        Cloud Infra Services -Deployment, Cost Optimization, Monitoring, Health Dashboard for customers.

SUPPORT 24*7 Support service -Comes with ticketing, issue categorization, escalation, follow-up &notification. Eventor Application Monitoring -Specific Event based support or application monitoring support



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July Rapid – Mobile App Development Studio

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  • Founded 2001
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